African Proverb for Modern Day Goals

I just read this African proverb…


Plan with purpose

Prepare with prayer

Proceed with positivity

Pursue with persistence

It seems to sum it up nicely, doesn’t it?


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My friend, Jon McGraw, is a former NFL quarterback, graduate of both Wharton and Harvard, Ed Block Courage Award recipient and overall great guy I met about a year ago who has moved on to the next stage in his career.

He is a co-founder of VisionPursue, a phenomenal site and app that helps you move into a higher performance level by developing your mindset. So it makes sense that he sent me this this motivational video.

And although the video and message were awesome, I absolutely loved the message on Jocko’s shirt. It says…

Discipline equals freedom

It’s about the day-in and day-out act of pushing the rock.

It’s about the day-in, day-out thing. Not the rock.

Think about a change you want to make around how you spend your time and life and then think about Jocko’s example and message.

Thanks, Jon. YOU rock!

Productivity Simplified

I read a post recently where the author said…’The whole goal of improving your productivity is to reach the point where you never have to think about how to be more productive.”

OK, in my book, not so much.

The whole goal of improving your productivity isn’t to be just more productive.

For me, the goal is to get what you want and need out of life without all the stress.

It’s repeatedly practicing the right behaviors and turning them into awesome habits.  It automates decision making, speeds up actions and generally makes it easier and less stressful to get to what you need and want to be doing.

The end game? To be able to painlessly reallocate the time you have—so you can do anything you want.

Just a thought.

What Do You Want?

Remember when you work with a time management coach, trainer, consultant, or guru your work together is NOT about your…






delayed decision making

the confidence to get any of it done

…or anything else you can think of or name

It’s about getting to what you WANT in life.

That thing that gets you up in the morning.

That thing that keeps you going til late at night.

That thing that makes you smile.

Because without knowing what you want the distractions are many and you end up going in many directions…none of which get you to what you want.

But without owning it, you’re like a rudderless ship. You just kinda sit in the big ocean…waiting….for something different or someone to save you.

You save yourself by remaining focused on your ‘why’.

So…what do you want in life?

Busy On the Outside. Busy On the Inside.

Busy on the outside

Go to work

Go to the gym

Go to class

Family events

Friend events

Run errands

Help a friend

Add your own…

Busy on the inside…

Make that deadline

Plan the week

I don’t want to…

I don’t have to…

I don’t need to…

I want to…

I have to…

I need to…

I can’t…

I won’t…

I’ll never get it all done

Add your own…

Stressful all this ‘busyness’, isn’t it?

There will always be more to do than there is time to do it. Pick the most important one and do it. Feel the stress start to melt.


There will always be self-talk that starts…or stops…us in our tracks. It’s also stressful. It’s holding you hostage. Replace it with positive self-talk and watch the magic happen.

Thank You for Your Time

jose-balartJose Diaz-Balart is a news anchor on NBC who usually fills in for Lester Holt. They are both ‘my kinda journalists’ because they report the facts without all the fanfare.

But the thing I love about Mr. Balart is the way he signs off from his broadcasts. He always says…

This is it for NBC nightly news, I’m Jose Diaz-Balart, thank you for the privilege of your time.

It struck me the first time I heard it and I’ve never forgotten it. I remember it because honestly he acknowledges that our time is limited and we chose to give up some of it to listen to him and his broadcast. When is the last time someone thanked you for your time (and in such an eloquent way!)?

I can only say I wish I had thought of it first…I would have been using it for the past 25 years! But I’m workin’ on it…

Thanks for taking time to read my blog. I’m grateful for your interest.